Gaming Industry to be worth $300 Billion by 2025 (Reports)

Half Population Gamers By 2024

Rising from the current number of 2.3 billion users, by the year 2024, half, of the people of the world shall be Gamer's (about 3.5 billion people).
By these current stats, gaming is set to become one of the world's greatest entertainment industries.
In this too the major domination shall be of the Asia-Pacific region, representing half the worldwide total. The Americans, however, would comprise around 20% of the players base.

The cloud gaming market is wildly booming & those who act now will capitalize heavily on this opportunity. As the developments in Wi-Fi & 5G are on the rise this shall enable more and more products & services to be gamified.
Giving birth to a new concept called gaming-as-a-service (GaaS).

All of this also hints towards a potential for non-gaming activities and content such as fitness apps or workplace collabs -- to include a gaming element.

Half Population Gamers By 2024

Many things can cause this shift, Cloud gaming & AI in gaming are the major ones.
AI now has a place in our lives more than we'd have imagined so it'd be no wonder if games also have an AI in the coming years.
Taling about the bucks it generates as per the last year's stats, Mobile gaming is ranked at half of all gaming dollars spent last year. VR & AE games though a bit niche have also been climbing up the revenue ladder.

The biggies are already after it as its visible Tech Giant Google has come up with its STADIA & seemingly Microsoft is also working on its cloud gaming platform.

So whoever you may be a gaming journalist, a blogger, or a professional gamer, rejoice because your time is coming & you'd need to excel in your craft because the competition is likely to be enormous.
Also if you hone your skills in those you're very likely to encash your talent.

Half Population Gamers By 2024

Almost all major gaming companies are in a rush to become the Netflix of games.
The emergence of 5G & the traffic online due to the pandemic has already made the virtual world more like a world in itself.

Like You, we too are immensely excited about the time to come,
And we shall keep spreading the word about it to you.

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