Hyper-Scape: New Battle Royale From Ubisoft

Ubisoft Hyper Scape
(Image: Ubisoft)

Battle Royale genre is one of the most popular ones in the Gaming Industry that isn't going to be boring anytime soon.
 As the leaks this week confirmed, Hyperscape being a much more futuristic & innovative BR Game is set in a thriving sprawling urban city this is what sets it apart from the usual ruins type destructive apocalyptic sceneries used in the games of its counterparts.
Its a lot faster & and also more chaotic than the usual BR games, those who have played it said.

Overall the game is quite fun I'd say, its an FPS one rather than a third-person shooter & an extremely polished one at that.
Well, we're yet to see if it blooms or falls a victim to the fatigue of mundane BR gaming. Just like Amazon Studio's Hero shooter Crucible which couldn't survive more than a month.
Still, Ubisoft is no Amazon it has its own track record but Hyperscape will have to prove its uniqueness to players who've thrown hundreds of hours into things like Fortnite & Apex Legends.

Unlike the other Battle Royales this one kind of resembles a story set in the far future, along with featuring its own competitive sport called Crown Rush. Though it is not exactly something very S- class but its at least something new by UBISOFT.
Ubisoft Hyper Scape
(Image: Ubisoft)

I know most of us are like "Not another Battle Royale please " which being entirely fair due to the fact that over the last three years we're being flooded with the same. But Ubisoft promises to deliver quality after about 2+ years of effort into it now.

Today some BR games being immensely popular in the market, still are experimenting & expanding for more & more like Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends & PUBG Mobile of course.

And now there's Ubisoft's Hyperscape which has kind of met all the expected elements, that is a shrinking circle & a 100 player lobby, but still, I say Ubisoft has rolled out some actually exciting innovations that set Hyperscape apart. 
Ubisoft Hyper Scape
(Image: Ubisoft)

Some of the biggest strengths of the game are:
  • Unique combat styles & in-game abilities.
  • No rare weapons or mods in the system or abilities unique to a hero & not even consumables.
  • Every player is able to use any weapon & also upgrade it to its maximum power.
  • By a tap, it's also possible to combine guns and create a more powerful one out of it. The same goes for abilities.
  • There are circles present in corners of roads or open areas that can launch you into the air providing ease in climbing roofs.
  • as the game nears the end & the circle closes in its, not like usual BR games like gas or storm or anything like that but the buildings and all in your way become transparent and you eventually begin losing health, this is kind of cool because due to the transparent buildings you don't have to worry about obstacles in your way you can run through them.
So, this is pretty much everything about the game it all lastly depends on the gamers whether they give it a shot or not, but now Hyperscape seems rather worthy.

Here's the official trailer:

Stay Tuned For More Interesting Stuff.

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