PUBG Mobile Season 14: Leaked Details, Updates, and Trailer!

PUBG MOBILE New Season 14
(Image Credit: Classified YT)

So hey gamers, as you all are nearing the end of PUBG season 13 you must be expecting the news season soon. Details about the next season and maybe a new map have been leaked upon various gaming channels on youtube. besides few leaks of the supposed trailer of next season, i.e 14 have ave also surfaced. its been in the leaks and news that the coming season will feature the royal pass which shall be known as "spark The Flame".

Some of the stills leaked can be said to be inspired by mythologies particularly Egyptian in nature. some obvious stuff like costumes & skins, gear is imminent in the update.

Now we went an extra & mile confirmed a few details for you

  • The 14th season will bring a new map for you called LIVIK, it was initially only for closed beta & the devs recently rolled it out officially on social media.
  • Its been confirmed by PUBG Mobile that the new map is livik and its scheduled update 0.19.0 shall be available on july7.
  • Introducing some new weapons like the spas-12 shotgun & previously available in TDM the P90 SMG as well.
  • It is being assumed that this map being rather small would render some tight action.
  • Being a 2x2 km sized map it'd be the smallest map released yet.
  • This map consists of some elements from each of the other maps.

Livik is full of obstacles & buildings useful for cover while engaging the enemy.
besides being abundant with vehicles a new vehicle i.e a monster truck to be precise is also introduced able to chomp anything even some huts and other vehicles.

This map is playable right now on the beta version featuring the 0.19.0 update. 

Much of the details have been leaked by Mr. Ghost Gaming on his YT channel, besides the supposed trailer of this new season has also been leaked.

So here's the leaked trailer: Mr.Ghost Gaming(Youtube)

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