PUBG Concerned about Indian user base

If you're a PUBG Player you also might have had a lingering thought that what if PUBG really gets banned in India. Because since the government banned those 59 Chinese apps it was kind of evident that PUBG too will be on the radar someday, and now here it is.

PUBG Privacy Policy Update

So far there is no official order or notice regarding the issue, But Tencent seems to give it a stitch in time to save its nine. Hence it has updated its privacy policies & has started showing pop up notifications to its users informing about the change.

In the policy, there's nothing much but it has sort of tried meeting the demands of Indian Government to foreign apps.
The updated policy tries to justify the storage of data of its users, citing various reasons, But for Indian users, hose servers are to remain in India itself where our data shall be stored.
It is also highlighted that the support teams and customer services, which have access to data of users in India, are also locally present in India itself for us.

We can't say for sure if this will save PUBG from our Government's hands, however, India is on a plan to terminate another 200 apps and PUBG Mobile is on that list. 
The air is only going to be clear when either the government or Tencent chooses to say something about it.
Meanwhile, we'd suggest you have as many chicken dinners as you can !! 
Like there's no tomorrow you know...

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