No more Scary Sweaty Summers Presenting The Sony Wearable AC

Sony Wearable AC
image credit: Sony

If you live in an Asian country or a south-Asian one for that matter, You're not new to the fact that Asian summers are the cruelest than anywhere else on the planet. Hence in such cases, an AC is inevitable. 
 However, an AC too cannot be taken anywhere you go, Nor in any other rooms of your house.
Also Many are extroverts, don't like to remain indoors for too long.
Combating this issue, Sony has taken the initiative of coming up with an AC called the "Reon Pocket".
Crazily enough this one here is a wearable air conditioner !! 

Sony Wearable AC V Neck inner
image credit: Sony

This based in Tokyo Company recently launched the "Reon Pocket" using its incubator-cum-crowdfunding platform "First Flight".
The Reon Pocket, however, is a new type of gadget that keeps users cool & Sweat Free during Scorching summers.
Also, it is quite versatile as it can blow warm air too, perfectly capable to be used in winter.

The size of this AC is quite compact & can easily stay in your palm so that you can use it whenever you want.
But to take the full advantage of the "Reon Pocket" users need to wear the device along with a dedicated inner that comes with a pocket in an unusual area.

Simplifying the innovation further Sony also came up with a V-Neck inner. This has a pocket behind your neck & between your shoulders, specially made for the device.
All you have to do is wear that inner put the device in that pocket, ON it & can control it via an app on your smartphones.

Now, the app comes for android and iOS devices both & can control the device remotely.
Of course, the connection is via Bluetooth, the same as any other wearable, & then with the app, you can control the temperature & other different modes. 

The "Reon Pocket" for now is available in Japan priced at about 13,000 yen (~$122) or Rs 9,107.

We shall always strive our hardest to keep you all updated with everything in the tech world.

Stay Tuned for More Updates !!

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