Sloppy Sluggish Speeds?
Improve your Wi-Fi

All of us were accustomed to working in traditional offices, those cubicles and all, Working from home has revealed hoe technologically challenged and telecommuting-phobic living spaces can be.
Zoom meets or remote education, all of you might've faced the embarrassment of a slower-than-usual connection.

Choppy videos, robotic voices, and shaky images work from home or learn from home during the global lockdown has shown us all.

Our team has come up with some easy fixes to save you the embarrassment.
Here go 5 tips to speed up or improve your speeds and bandwidth.
  • Repositioning Your Router

For a fact, if you're unaware of this the signals from the Wi-Fi tend to be stronger horizontally & when the router and devices are on the same floor of the house.
Try moving the router (keeping the modem still connected) to a more central area of your home.
Or you can also position is as high as the cables can reach, like on a high shelf instead of hiding it somewhere.
Fewer obstacles or objects between ht e router and laptop might improve your experience.

  • Try Using an Ethernet Cable 

With the world advancing towards wireless tech, you wouldn't want to be counterintuitive and opt for a wired one unless you have a damn smart reason.
And we've got that reason for you connecting router directly to your laptop will aid you in two ways, wired connections are reliable and faster and by disconnecting from Wi-Fi you'll make room for other wireless devices to connect to it like smart speakers or whatever.
Most laptops have an inbuilt ethernet connector if not though, you can get one for about $20 i.e a USB to Ethernet one.

  • Better to Buy a new Wi-Fi router, a mesh Networking kit, or an Extender.

As sometimes the issue really isn't what it seems, it may be a dead zone in your house where the signal is as if absent, which if the case an inexpensive Wi-Fi extender can do wonders for you.
They're a cheap solution but careful that if excessively extended unnecessarily, then they may even lower your overall speed. 
This idea makes sense for an isolated and identified dead spot.
However, if the issue is several areas or rooms in your home consider a mesh networking kit. It helps spread the network around wit kind of nodes or Wi-Fi points. Each node is connected to the next making a complete pathway for you. This is an ideal solution for larger homes or multi-storeyed buildings, though a bit expensive they're a one-time investment.

  • Consider Using Your Phone's Hotspot.

This could be an option in case of a blackout of power, just buy a Large Work from home data plan on your Data card as nowadays all the companies have one such plan.
However, I would recommend a simple smartphone and a separate and dedicated data card just for your work needs, while the phone one can stay for your phone. This way you remain always connected.

  • Upgrade Your Data Plan (Internet Plan)

You might be facing the data crunch and lower speeds because knowingly or unknowingly your consumption of data has dramatically increased since the day1of lockdown. Maybe Switching to a Double capacity data plan that your usual one might solve your issue.
Also monitoring your data usage and identifying when and where you're wasting your data might help to some extent.

So, guys, these were the little tips and tricks we hoped to help you with.
Hope it helps.

You Stay Tuned For More Updates

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