Kill those extra calories the smart way - Revoutionalize your Workout using a VR.

Your usual Gyms have been closed for quite a while now & we all honestly admit to being guilty of our tummies. To top it off the lockdown hasn't only made us Netflix Bingers but also Snack Bingers and Bingers to all kinds of Junk foods.
With our usual Physical exertion constrained remaining at home unsurprisingly, we all have put on extra kilos since March.

The problem, however, is that the environment isn't as conducive, making us fall prey to me binging and procrastinate.
However, tensed by this issue our team came up with a solution, well it isn't anything innovative but here is: BoxVR & a VR system, Preferably Oculus (but you may use whichever you like).

VR Workouts FYI have been here for a few years now, But now are here just as you'd like it with leaner systems and lighter, wireless hardware, & they're here to make a change.
As for BoxVR, it was launched three years ago Now being available t most VR platforms including Playstation Store, Oculus Store & Steam.

The Prime reason we selected BoxVR and not anything else is that, unlike other its counterparts, it offers to keep your experience a full-body workout.

VR Gameplay :
(Image Credit: Box VR Game)

BoxVR transports you to a digital boutique gym that just has you in it, nobody else. 
Feels like the developers saw COVID-19 coming. 
Upon choosing your preferences you get to choose the look of the gym as you like.

The aim of the game is to Punch back the neon balloons that will be coming at you,
but it is not just that obstacles like walls will also come at you, you will have to dodge them by either ducking or jumping as required. Alongside cool soundtracks playing to keep you pumping.
And pretty commonly if you get hit you'll have to start your run all over again else you earned credits don't count.
Given the game and how tall you are it certainly packs the punch of making you squat quite a lot as you progress through the game.

You see your score on the left side of the screen while you play.
It attempts to track your totally burned calories based on your weight, height, and movements. 
Also, you get to choose the workout, the intensity, if you like things a bit too gamified a sci-fi look of the gym is also available.

So we suggest you try this out, as it certainly is something that makes difference.

We shall continue to make life easy by bringing you solutions to common problems using the best tech available.

Stay Fit
Stay tuned For More Updates !!!

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