Google plans to launch a device running on the Android TV Platform and club it with a remote.
Google Android TV Dongle
Google has had its eyes upon the streamers and binge-watchers for quite some time, it has also catered that need through the Chromecast though.
But certain more appealing products came in between such as the Amazon Fire TV stick and the Roku, Due to which the brand kind of lost its momentum.
Now, this pretty much explains the reasons for the upcoming device.

A surfacing report suggests the price of the device would be around Rs. 3,750.
At this price segment, it would definitely prove to be a worthy rival to other products in the genre.

A few of the Key Features of the device are as follows...
  • Inclusion of a remote, Something that is clearly missing in the other products for the purpose. Eliminating the hassle of controlling it via your phone.
  • Price as easy as $35 only, another distinctive feature.
  • Provision of installing any and as many OTT apps as you like.
  • Integrated with Assistant for voice control.
  • Supports Cast Screen
  • Interestingly Also Supports Google Stadia, Cloud Gaming.
Google is releasing this device along with its new smartphone in the Pixel 5 series, probably in October.

Stay Tuned For More Updates !!!

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