Cyber Crime coordination of India has given a notice of banning no less than 118 malicious Chinese apps.
PUBG Banned in India Officially

Today evening, the ministry of electronics and IT ordered to ban 118 additional Chinese apps, after putting an initial ban of 59 apps, which included TikTok.
However, most of the buzz is due to banning the popular Battle Royale game PUBG Including few other renowned ones like Baidu, Tencent & Xiaomi.

In the initial update about Chinese apps banning we speculated that PUBG could be banned in the near future, then at that time, an additional list of 275 more apps was being made to ban.
The reasons cited are that of data security of Indians, however, this move, right after the latest Border skirmish between the two countries has raised some doubts.

The Ministry in a statement clarified that " Those banned were threats to Sovereignty, integrity, of India, Defence of India, and also to the security of the state and public order.

Indian Government did receive several complaints regarding the misuse of these apps, for stealing and selling data of users to servers outside India, without any form of consent.
As per the authorities, this was a matter of deep and immediate attention and required emergency measures.  

Many other apps include Baidu Browser, Camera apps, CamCard Scanner, and others.

For PUBG this can be a tremendous loss as many times India was listed as its largest market estimating about 24% of total downloads.

For the PUBG lovers, We understand your concern, we shall soon provide you details about a reasonable and far more entertaining replacement.

Stay Tuned For More Updates !!! 

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