As a kind of response to the banning situation, PUBG Corp. has decided to take on all the reigns from Tencent.
PUBG Mobile cuts off with tencent

PUBG Corporation has been actively monitoring the banning in India & expresses gratitude to its Indian player base for their passion and enthusiasm.
The Company claims to fully understand and respect the Indian government's decisions regarding the situation.
Also, it says the security of player data to be a point of extreme priority for the company.
It hopes to work hand in hand with the Indian Government to resolve this matter.

Hence as a solution, it has decided to withdraw the PUBG Mobile Franchise from Tencent games, just for the players to get back in the battlegrounds while complying with the government resolutions.
Taking hold of all the publishing responsibilities within the country, it has decided to provide Indian gamers with their very own experience of PUBG Mobile.

To ensure healthy gameplay and a sociable environment the Corp also aims to host various region-based activities such as e-sports and community events.

This news, being out on various sites, and also PUBG's official blog, hasn't been responded to as of now, by the government or by the concerned ministry.

This was all the news we had for you gamers and streamers as of now, 
We shall keep updating you about this topic ASAP.

Meanwhile, you guys tell us what you think about the ban and the consequences in the comments below, And,

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