According to a recent study, smart watches and fitness wearables could play a key role in the early detection of Covid-1 the. According to CBS News, researchers at Mount Sinai have found that the Apple Paul Watch can detect small changes in a user's heartbeat that indicate they have a coronavirus, a week before they become ill. One company is developing a wearable practice to detect the Covid-1 detect - all of which helps keep the disease at bay by keeping useless people at home. According to a study called "Warrior Watch", researchers at Mount Sinai on April 2. Between September 2 and 27 health workers followed up. Participants wore Apple Pal watches equipped with special apps that measure their heart rate (HRV) changes.

 “The HOVV metric showed significant changes in the clock for up to seven days before people were confirmed to have a COVID-19 infection before having a positive nasal discharge,” said study author Robert P. Horton said, MD.

A similar study by Stanford University found that participants who wore a variety of trackers by Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Paul and others noticed a change in their resting heart rate nine-and-a-half days before the start of coronavirus-positive testing. Symptoms. A challenging thing about covid-1 is that most people are noticeable, meaning they have no symptoms but are still contagious. This infection is difficult to treat by using a traditional method to identify and isolate a person who is traditionally ill. The explanation of the study is clear. Dr. "Developing a way to identify people who have been sick before they became infected is a major milestone in the management of Covid-1," said Herton. "This technology allows us to only track and predict health outcomes.

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