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Internet is such a web where there is nothing safe in the Internet, there is no such thing that can not be hacked, but to make this thing difficult for hackers, 2-Step Verification Feature has been made in this post we will Will you explain what is 2-Step Verification and how it works

Today everyone uses 2-Step Verification to secure and secure their account. 2-Step Verification is used to protect Google, Facebook, Twitter, Online Transaction etc. from being hacked if you 2-Step If you want to know about Verification, then read this post completely.


What is 2-Step Verification?

We also call 2-Step Verification as 2-factor Authentication. This is Advance Security Layer which provides Advance Security to your Google, Facebook Twitter etc. or 2-Step Verification doubles the security of your accounts to 2-Step Verification. By enabling, you can save your account from being hacked

Most of the people keep the same passwords of their accounts so that your accounts can be easily hacked. If the Hacker finds out the password of one of your accounts, then he can hack all your accounts to protect your accounts from Hacker. You can use 2-Step Verification

If the Hacker gets to know the password of any of your account from somewhere, then he will not be able to hack your account because the Hacker will have to go through 2-Step Verification after entering the password to access your account if Hacker 2-Step He will be able to use your account only if he crosses the verification

How does 2-Step Verification work?

You must have heard the name of OTP (One Time Password), this OTP is a 2-Step Verification in a way, in 2-Step Verification your Mobile Number is registered and an OPT is sent to that Register Mobile Number OTP Fill Only after you will be able to access your account

Just like if the password of one of your accounts is found by someone and they try to access your account by entering your user name and password, then they will not be able to access your account if you have 2-Step on your account. Verification is enabled, then it will have to enter OTP to access your account and OTP is sent to your Register Mobile Number only.

Advantages of 2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification provides Advance Security to your account
2-Step Verification from Unauthorized Access saves your account
2-Step Verification makes Online Transaction Safe
Disadvantages of 2-Step Verification
If you have enabled 2-Step Verification on any of your accounts and you do not have or lost your Register Mobile Number, then in this case you may face problems in logging in your account because 2- In Step Verification, OTP is sent to your mobile number itself. If you do not have a mobile number, then you will not be able to access your account.

Tips: -

If you want to prevent your account from being hacked, then you should enable 2-Step Verification on all your accounts. With 2-Step Verification Hacker will have trouble in Hacking your Account.

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