Do you know that you can also book Tatkal tickets of the train with the help of Paytm app in your mobile phone? For this you do not need to go to the IRCTC app or website. Yes, you will find it a bit strange to hear, but for the convenience of users in Paytm, the booking option of Tatkal train ticket has been given. 

Here you can book tickets in any category of Sleeper, Third AC or Second AC as per your convenience. For this, you need to know some steps. 

Here we are providing step by step guide of Tatkal ticket booking through Paytm.

How to book Tatkal train from Paytm

First of all, tell us that the time for booking Tatkal tickets is 10 am for AC class. While the booking for the non AC i.e. sleeper starts at 11 am. Also, it is also important to note that if the ticket is canceled after the Tatkal ticket is confirmed, then it does not get a refund.

How to book Tatkal tickets from Paytm

1. For this, first login to Paytm. Please tell that you can book Tatkal tickets from Paytm only after 30 minutes of booking Tatkal tickets. That is, if booking starts at 11 am, you will get this facility on Paytm at 11.30 am.

2. After opening Paytm, go to the travel option there and click on the train.

3. Where you select the destination station and travel date.

4. After this, select the train in which you want to travel.

5. Then go to Kota and select Book immediately and click on the Book button.

6. Here you have to fill some of your personal details and after this you have to select the birth.

7. Then the payment option will come and from that you can pay by selecting the option according to your convenience. Your ticket will be booked as soon as the process is complete.

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