Nowadays craze towards online shopping among users is increasing significantly. Especially in the Corona era, following the rule of social distancing, people have sat at home and shopped online. While shopping online, you also get a choice of many products and a choice of the best price. But online shopping is as easy as it is risky. Because many times people face fraud during online shopping. Here we are telling you what precautions you need to take while shopping online.

Use official website for shopping

The most important thing to keep in mind while shopping online is to always use the official website or app. On the original website, you will get the best product along with security. Apart from this, you will not face any problem in exchange or refund.

Do not save your debit card details

Often you have to enter your debit card or credit card details to make the payment while online. But during this time you have to keep in mind that while making online payment, do not click on the option of save card details. That is, do not save your card.

The safest cash on delivery

If you want to avoid online fraud then opt for cash on delivery instead of online payment. Cash on delivery is the safest for online shopping. In this, you have to pay only after the goods arrive at home.

Be sure to check the website URL

Hackers can hack your data through fake websites and mobile apps. In this case, do not forget to check the link on the website while shopping online. Because there is often a single letter change on a fake website.

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